Welcome to Camp Kruger. If you are looking for a Cattery in Perth Camp Kruger Cattery is the right place. We cater to ‘BiG CATS….and small’ and offer inexpensive cat boarding and an airport convenient location for dropping off and picking up which suits our regular fly in fly out clients.

Our cat accommodation is purpose built in a pleasant, shady environment located south of the river, close to the Kwinana Freeway.  When you land your dream job up north , the question is, ‘what to do with the 4 legged mate.’ No need to lose him. Our handy location near the Freeway and special rates for regular customers means that you’ll always have someone happy to see you come home.

We provide comfortable, loving, budget priced cat accommodation with the cats enjoyment in mind. Our tree canopy provides a lovely environment and also causes the cattery to be visited by cheeky little birds and a variety of scurrying ‘creatures of the forest’. Our guests usually find this mesmerising . Most berths have a window onto the garden , which means that we find our most vocal visitors ‘chatting away’ to every one who passes.

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